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        Deep well drilling rig

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        1. Equip the chassis of Xugong 3 Bridge-specific all-road vehicle to meet the Fourth National Emission Standard. Flexible steering, full-bridge drive, good passing, adapt to all kinds of harsh road conditions;
        2. Full hydraulic top drive head, torque and speed can realize stepless speed regulation. It is equipped with floating shaft to effectively protect drill thread. The double channel design of the center axle of the power head meets the requirements of various construction techniques.
        The top driving head can be warped out, and the upper and lower rods are convenient and fast.
        3. The telescopic mast not only guarantees the smaller transportation size, but also provides the larger power head stroke, which meets the service condition of the long casing.
        4. Hydraulic system adopts German Rexroth, an international well-known brand. The system uses seven pumps, all of which are load-sensitive pumps. The control of pumps and valves is load-sensitive control. According to the needs of loads, it can provide the appropriate flow and pressure for the executing agencies, and save energy efficiently.
        5. Design a pressure-adding and decompression system with double-cylinder-wire rope double-speed feeding mode. The maximum lifting force is 600 kN, which can provide pressure at the beginning of opening, and the maximum pressure is 100 kN.
        6. All actions should be operated centrally to reduce labor costs. Equipped with hydraulic forceps, it can be automatically lifted and unloaded, which reduces the labor intensity of workers.
        7, suitable for multi process drilling. The rig is equipped with foam pump and centrifugal pump. Users can choose air compressor for air drilling or mud pump for mud drilling.
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