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        MG300/700-WD series AC variable frequency haulage shearers have 498.5 kW, 598.5 kW and 698.5 kW total installed power, 2 *200 kW truncation power, 2 *250 kW and 2 *300 kW respectively, 2 *40 kW haulage power, 18.5 kW high motor power, adopting AC variable frequency speed regulation system to control the haulage speed of shearers.
        MG300/700-WD series AC variable frequency traction shearers adopt multi-motor driving transverse arrangement, and the cutting rocker arm is connected with the traction part by pin shaft, the left and right traction parts and the middle box, and the high strength hydraulic bolts are used. The asynchronous traction motor is transversely installed in the traction reducer, which provides 520 kN traction force for the shearer through the traction mechanism. The middle control box is equipped with an elevation pump station, an electric control, a transformer and a water valve. Each main component can be pulled out from the side of the old pond, which is easy to maintain and replace.
        It can be used in mines where the concentration of coal dust and methane explosive gases in the air does not exceed the safety content stipulated in the Safety Regulations for Coal Mines, and it can work reliably when the altitude is not more than 2000 m, the temperature of surrounding media is between - 5 ~40 ~C and the air humidity is not more than 95% (at + 25 ~C).
        The shearer is suitable for supporting the corresponding hydraulic support and various types of face conveyors to realize comprehensive mechanized coal mining or fully mechanized top coal caving mining. It can also be matched with the corresponding face conveyor, single hydraulic prop, long steel beam or metal articulated beam to achieve new high-grade general mining.
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