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        1. The special hydraulic telescopic crawler chassis and large diameter slewing support for rotary drilling rig are adopted to meet the requirements of super stability and transportation convenience, super long wheel spacing and stronger adaptability to formation.
        2. The whole machine is transported with rods, the width of which is only 2.5 meters, the height of which is only 3.5 meters, the weight of which is light, and the use of which is more convenient; the output speed of power head, main and auxiliary coil working ends is high, and the construction efficiency is more efficient;
        3. The electric-controlled turbocharged engine of Cummins in Guangxi is adopted, which has strong power and meets the emission standard of Euro-I stage. The imported Cummins engine can be selected.
        4. The Kawasaki hydraulic system is more reliable, and many mature technologies of Xugong are applied at the same time.
        5. Using CAN bus full electronic control technology, the hydraulic pipeline is simplified, the reliability of the vehicle is improved, and the integration of human, machine, hydraulic and electric is fully embodied.
        6. Various drill pipe configurations can be selected to meet the requirements of efficient construction in different formations.
        7. Optional cylinder pressurization, casing drive, long screw, high-speed soil throwing and other functions to meet the various needs of customers.
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