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        XHP12 hydraulic hammer has the characteristics of simple operation, strong impact force, high automation, stepless adjustment of hammer core stroke, low pollution and low noise. It is suitable for piling foundation operation in different soil quality and working environment. It is a brand-new pipe pile construction machinery.
        The power source of XHP12 hydraulic piling hammer is P400 power station with high energy saving produced by our company. It mainly provides hydraulic power source for hydraulic pile driving hammer and hydraulic vibration hammer. The P400 hydraulic power station is equipped with a QSM11-C400 turbocharged Cummins engine with an output power of 400 horsepower. The engine is installed in the power station frame which is welded by square pipe and steel plate and integrates fuel tank and hydraulic tank. In order to avoid noise pollution, the power station adopts blinds with sealed cotton as a whole.
        The power station is equipped with a control panel beside the machine. The control panel is installed on the cabinet door. Through the control panel, the start and stop of the whole engine, the boost and relief of the hydraulic system are controlled. Power station equipped with Rexroth A11VLO260 electronically controlled constant power hydraulic pump can match hydraulic power according to the use of hydraulic piling hammer. P400 power station is an intelligent control, energy saving and environmental protection high efficiency hydraulic power unit.
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